Why You Should Make Longer Lunch Breaks at Our Café a Priority

Before you became a working professional, you probably envisioned yourself sitting in a café with your laptop while you leisurely enjoyed a filling lunch. After entering the working world, you probably quickly realized that these productive and enjoyable lunch breaks were extremely hard to come by, especially as your schedule got busier and busier.

envisioned yourself sitting in a café with your laptop

Even though your schedule might keep you away from our café for lunch most of the time, there are many reasons why you should make an effort to enjoy a sandwich on our freshly baked bread at our café once in a while:

  • When you take a trip at our cafe with a coworker for lunch, you can create a stronger bond with them. In turn, this can create a better working relationship and more productivity down the road.
  • You hear about work-life balance all the time, but you may have a hard time achieving it. Taking longer lunch breaks at our café is a great way to take some time out mid-workday and come back to work rejuvenated for the second half of the day.
  • When you take a longer lunch at our cafe, or even just make an effort to stop by our bakery instead of a vending machine, you’re more likely to make healthier eating habits.

Do you want to take back your lunch breaks and enjoy lunchtime again? Stop by our cafe today for a delicious, healthy, and filling lunch made with wholesome ingredients!