Why is Our Bread So Good? The Secret
Finally Unveiled!

One of the questions we get asked often here at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville is why our bread is so good. While our bread is made using only five simple ingredients, what really makes it so delicious is that we use freshly ground flour. When freshly milled, flour takes on a better texture and gives the bread a greater depth of flavor. Even some of the highest-quality commercial baking flours aren’t able to come close to it!

bread like you've never had it before

When you think of homemade bread, your mind probably conjures memories of holding a warm slice fresh from the oven. Unfortunately, even most freshly baked loaves from bakeries today are made from frozen dough that was processed at a distribution center and then sent to the bakery’s location. This may have happened months ago, and the frozen dough may have sat in the freezer since then. As a result, even if the bread was cooked recently, the ingredients have probably sat together for quite a while.

What’s more is that this “fresh” bread probably contains preservatives and additives to make all the ingredients last, which can hamper the bread’s nutritional density and lessen its flavor once baked. On the other end of the spectrum, we mill our flour and combine all our ingredients the same day we bake and serve our bread, and the result is bread like you’ve never had it before.

Stop by our bakery and try a slice today! Once you do, you’ll never go back.