The Key to Great Sandwiches

When you were a young child, your idea of a great sandwich was getting the right ratio of peanut butter to jelly and perhaps having your mother cut off the crusts for you and cut it in neat fourths. Now that you are grown up, your expectation for truly great sandwiches has also matured. If you are on a journey to indulging in the best possible sandwiches, here are a few traits that can make a big difference.


  • Locally sourced ingredients. Not only will farm-fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, and other vegetables taste amazing, but they’re also healthier, especially if grown avoiding chemicals and GMO seeds. Produce that travels across the country, or worse from another country, has often been treated to keep it alive during transit, and that affects its taste and its quality.
  • Fresh, wholesome bread. Skip the grocery store bread offerings and head to your local bakery instead. You’ll get a fresher product, again without the chemicals, and with far more choices to make the unique sandwiches you are craving.
  • Homemade sauces and dressings. Instead of slathering mayonnaise all over the bread, consider some healthier options that are packed with flavor and vital nutrients. Consider an olive tapenade or a chipotle honey lime yogurt sauce, for example. They’ll really kick up your sandwiches for a special experience.

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