Picking the Right Combination of Baked Goods for a Catered Lunch

When you’re in charge of ordering the catering for an office event, training, or lunch, you know what a big task it is to solidify options everyone will like. If you’ve picked out your main course and are now on to the dessert side of things, here are some tips for ordering baked goods your co-workers will rave about for weeks to come:

  • Consider the setting. Are you hosting a quick office lunch where people will only have a few minutes to eat? Or, is the catered event a lengthy, sit-down affair where attendees will have enough time to truly enjoy their meal? While cookies and other “grab-and-go” type baked goods are good for quick lunches, cake and other desserts where you need a fork are ideal for lengthier gatherings.

"grab-and-go" type baked goods are good for quick lunches

  • Ask around about allergies—Chances are, there are several people in your office who are allergic to nuts or other ingredients. Ask around before the event to determine if there are any baked goods you should avoid for the sake of your coworkers’ safety.
  • Send out an interest form –There’s no harm in asking people exactly what they want! Before placing your catering order with our bakery, send out an email survey listing options and requesting attendees to give their input about what they want.
  • Order a variety –Do yourself a favor and order multiple types of baked goods for your event. This way, people have plenty of options to pick from and they can even try out more than one at the end of their meal.