No Time for Baking? Here’s How to Get Great Baked Goods!

When you are craving something sweet but don’t want to go completely off the rails in terms of eating healthy, you may feel like you are left with few choices. The snack aisle at the grocery store isn’t going to be much help, and many of the baked goods offered at grocery stores are laden with ingredients you want to avoid as well. Baking things yourself from scratch takes time you might not have available, so where does that leave you and your sweet tooth?

Baked Goods

Your best bet is going to be a specialty bakery that focuses on using quality ingredients and uses no additives in their baked goods. Additives are unfortunately necessary for baked goods sold at grocery stores to lengthen their shelf life to control costs. When it comes to buying baked goods for you and your family, lasting a long time after you buy them is rarely a consideration. It is more challenging to keep them from being gobbled up before you get some, right? So why consume additives that may or may not be healthy?

Here at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville, we offer a variety of baked goods to match whatever craving you may be having. We have a weekly schedule of delicious options, including chocolate chip walnut cookies, chocolate brownies, blondies, savannah bars, muffins, lemon sugar cookies, salted caramel brownies, lemon bars, and tea cakes. You’ll also find trail mix and over 50 different breads and other baked goods, all made with quality ingredients. Stop by our Asheville, North Carolina bakery today and see for yourself!