Looking for an Ordinary Box-Lunch Catering Alternative?

Have you ever noticed that when some corporations and businesses offer a box-lunch at a conference, many of the attendees skip it and head for the closest fast food restaurant instead? That’s saying something when buying a low-quality burger beats what is being served for free. If you have an upcoming event and you are looking for catering that is outside the box (pun intended), consider looking into a local bakery’s catering service rather than what is being offered by the venue. Here’s why this is an excellent alternative:


  • Usually lower in price. Venues love a captive audience, and that is often reflected in what they charge for a box-lunch or other catering options. On the other hand, a local bakery loves the chance to work with a large group to show them what they have to offer. It’s business-building for them, so they are rarely out to make a huge profit from the catering itself.
  • Far better quality. The venue will likely use grocery store quality bread and ingredients, whereas a bakery will use freshly-baked bread, homemade sauces, locally sourced vegetables, and perhaps a freshly baked cookie or brownie to round off the meal.
  • Improve attendance. Do you have trouble getting people to come to your meetings? You won’t once word gets out about the extraordinary sandwiches the bakery catering staff has been providing. You’ll gain brownie points (yes, that’s another intended pun) with your employees, which can do wonders for boosting productivity and profits.

If your conference is in the Asheville, North Carolina area and you are looking for a bakery that offers catering, call us at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville. We offer catering for groups from 6 to 160 guests, and we are confident our fresh baked bread, locally sourced ingredients, and homemade sauces will be a hit. Count on us for great results delivered right on time for your annual meeting or other event. Oh, and our famous savannah bars, brownies, and cookies are always memorable.