How Your Local Bakery Can Help with Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals
With the growing evidence that diet has a tremendous impact on everything from gut health to preventing illness, even cancer, it makes sense to look for healthy meals for you and your family. While there are plenty of fad diets out there saying to ban this or that from your diet, common sense and even studies show that it is the quality of the food and the ingredients that has significant impact.

One source to consider for healthy meals is your local bakery. When you use fresh baked breads instead of those found on grocery shelves, you eliminate the additives and other potentially unhealthy ingredients from your diet. What’s even better is you’ll love the superior taste and quality! You’ll be able to give your children a PB&J sandwich you can feel good about or make that meatless burger more enjoyable and healthier. You might even find a few specialty items, such as dog biscuits and granola mix.

Another reason to head to your local bakery when you want healthy meals is that you’ll have far more options than you would otherwise. Many offer gourmet sandwiches, including vegetarian options, so you can manage healthy meals even when you don’t have the time to make them yourself.

Here at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville, we are passionate about providing you with fresh, healthy meals and baked goods to incorporate into your meals at home. We mill our whole wheat flour on-site, so you can be confident that your bread is free from potentially harmful ingredients. Our whole wheat breads have only five ingredients — yeast, water, salt, honey, and flour — and are non-GMO. Stop by our Asheville, North Carolina bakery and see for yourself how we can help you create healthy meals for you and your family.