How to Choose a Café for Great Sandwiches

How to Choose a Café for Great Sandwiches
When you think back to some of the most satisfying sandwiches you’ve enjoyed over the years, you probably remember that it was the combination of mouthwatering bread and quality fillings that made it so memorable. When you are looking around for a café that has great sandwiches, there is one place that should be high on your list: bakeries.

While many cafés have a quality sandwich because they have the foresight to get their bread from a quality bakery, you can skip that step by going right to the bakery itself if they offer sandwiches in addition to bread and baked goods. Here are some reasons why you should give this a try:

  • The bread is super fresh! A regular café might hold on to the bread they get for a few days to keep their costs in control, but a bakery is never going to serve you less than the freshest bread, as that would reflect on their bakery.
  • More options. A typical café might get up to a half dozen bread variations to use in their restaurant, but at a bakery, you’ll usually be able to choose from any kind of bread they bake, which could mean dozens of options.
  • Dual errand. While you are at the bakery getting your sandwich, you can also shop for the baked goods you need at home or arrange for catering for your upcoming party, event or meeting. So, basically, you aren’t missing out on anything you’d do at a typical café, but now have more options.

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