How Our Bakery Makes Eating Healthy Meals Convenient and Delicious

At Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville, we don’t just believe healthy and delicious can go together – we know it. Here’s how we make our healthy meals not only delicious, but also nutritious and filling.

Our healthy meals also make great catering options

First and foremost, we use top-quality ingredients. For example, the meats and cheeses we use to make our sandwiches come from Boar’s Head, a name-brand known for producing some of the finest deli meats and cheeses in the industry. The bread we use to make our healthy meals is also made from scratch without preservatives and additives to enhance flavor. When it comes down to it, you’re getting real food whenever you stop by our bakery to eat!

Second, our healthy meals don’t sit on a shelf or in the refrigerator for days on end. We bake our bread fresh daily, and all our sandwiches are made to order.

Third and finally, we use locally grown ingredients whenever possible. For example, we use organic green leaf lettuce grown near us in Candler, North Carolina. We believe that making healthy meals also means doing what’s good for the environment and our local community.

Our healthy meals also make great catering options, so if you have a work lunch or event coming up, we can bring our delicious sandwiches and baked goods to you for a larger or small group! To place a catering order, give us a call. Or, if you’re craving something filling and delicious for lunch, stop by and visit our bakery and cafe. We look forward to seeing you!