Have You Thought About Party Catering from a Bakery?

When you have a party coming up and you are looking for a caterer, you may first consider the various restaurants that you and your guests like to go to that offer this service. While those can be great options, there’s one more that you might not have thought about: your local bakery. If you have an informal party planned that sandwiches and other baked goods would be perfect for, you can skip the middleman and go straight to the source.

Party Catering

What better place to get amazing sandwiches than a place where the bread is baked fresh daily? The sandwich platters for your party catering will be among the best you could hope for and make your gathering one that is talked about for a long time to come. You’ll likely have plenty of sandwich varieties to choose from, even more than with other party catering sources, because the bakery will include any of the breads they make, which is often a significant list of choices. While you handle the many other tasks involved with making your party a success, let your local bakery handle the party catering, and you’ll be glad you did.

That is especially true when you call us at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville. We are excited to be a trusted source for high-quality breads, baked goods, and sandwiches, as well as our event and party catering services. Whether you have a small intimate group of less than a dozen guests or a large event planned for up to 160 people, we’ll make sure you get the freshness, flavor and timely delivery you deserve. Call today to learn more.