4 Menu Items You Should Try During Your Next Visit to Our Bakery

At Great Harvest Bread Co. of Asheville, we make bread the way it ought to be made, and that means with simple, wholesome ingredients freshly baked right here at our local bakery. The next time you’re out and about in the area, here are four of our menu items you should try if you’re looking for something new:

1.   Our famous Dakota bread – If you want to try something more outside the box than traditional white or wheat bread, people who visit our bakery can’t say enough good things about our Dakota bread. We follow the same base recipe as our honey whole wheat bread, but add in pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and millet.

freshly baked right here at our local bakery

2.   Something sweet – While we’re big promoters of eating healthfully and mindfully, sometimes you just need something sweet. At your next visit to our bakery, try out one of our salted caramel brownies, blondies, chocolate chip walnut cookies, or savannah bars.

3.   Trail mix – Looking for something filling and nutritious with a little bit of salty and sweet? Our trail mix is the answer! Featuring a blend of granola, nuts, seeds, and other tidbits, there are several varieties of trail mix to try out.

4.   Our chicken salad sandwich – If you have a few minutes, make a stop in our bakery café for lunch and enjoy one of our chicken salad sandwiches. For this longstanding customer favorite, we pile our tried-and-true chicken salad filling onto two slices of freshly baked bread for a tasty sandwich unlike any other you’ve had before.