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When it comes to bread, less is more.
We rise far before the sun to make sure our customers get the freshest bread possible each day. We don’t cut corners, and it is so worth it! We mill and bake our bread fresh, in-store daily, ensuring each loaf captures all the flavor and nutrients from the grains.

We keep our ingredient lists tight, and we don't not use additives, dough conditioners, emulsifiers or preservatives to keep loaves on the shelf for an extended period or to unnaturally improve texture and size.

Take the Honey Whole Wheat loaf – our signature and most popular bread. Our bakers knead together freshly milled, whole wheat flour, pure honey, filtered water, salt and yeast, and the ingredients work together to create dough that bakes into naturally long-lasting bread with a surprisingly long shelf life. Don’t be fooled – it takes time to develop the natural chemistry that allows bread to stay fresher longer. Most commercial bread companies don’t want to find and rely on skilled bakers who care about their products and who will come in at 4 a.m. to knead dough and give it the time it needs to rise. They’ve developed additives to speed up the process; we rely simply on the hands of our bakers and time to make our bread delicious and lasting.

Fresh Ground Premium Wheat
The curation of savory, wholesome bread starts long before the ovens fire up. Take Scott Molyneaux’s job, for example: as Corporate Chef for Great Harvest Bread Company, he sleeps, breathes and most definitely eats good bread for a living. “And I absolutely love my job,” he says. "'Farm-to-table’ is more than just a cute expression. I actually get to shake the hands of the guys who grow our wheat, and it is an honor." Great Harvest Bread Company’s wheat is grown exclusively in Montana’s Golden Triangle, an area renowned for its ideal wheat-growing weather conditions and hearty varieties. “Ninety-five percent of our farmers do not irrigate. They rely on rain from above and the sun,” Molyneaux says. “And they pray.” Depending on the year, Molyneaux will receive 80-100 wheat samples from farmers, but only about 10-15 will pass his tough regulations, including testing for protein content, moisture and even mini baking taste tests. The high pass-fail ratio ensures Great Harvest Bread Company’s stores receive only the best of the best for their mills year after year. “The cream of the crop, literally so,” says Molyneaux. “It’s a point of pride for our farmers because they know exactly where their wheat is going and that we will care for it with as much passion as they have.” Molyneaux makes it a point to stop by the fields in Montana to thank the families that grow quality wheat to craft quality breads. On his most recent trip, he paid a visit to one of Great Harvest Bread Company’s most faithful farmers. “He’s been supplying us with some of the best varieties of wheat for well over a decade, His grandparents homesteaded the land, and with each generation it’s grown. His son is now farming with him and will likely take over sometime down the road,” Molyneaux reports. All of the farms that supply Great Harvest Bread Company are family-owned and operated, maintaining the standard for traditional bread values dating back centuries that keep its owners, chefs and bakers grounded. “There are definitely faster, mechanized ways to do this, but we choose not to do that,” Molyneaux says.

That’s where we come in. First thing in the morning we prep the store’s stone grinders to transform the Montana wheat berries into fine flour for the day’s order of scones, muffins and breads. We love the health and wholeness of our bread. We truly love the quality of our work and the value that comes in each slice.

Apples are so 2014!
A new study shows that 28 grams of whole grains a day can help extend life and decrease the risk of suffering from major chronic diseases – keeping the doctor away! According to the study titled “Association Between Dietary Whole Grain Intake and Risk of Mortality,” published on January 5, 2015 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), consuming at least  28 grams of whole grains a day can lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by eight percent. 

“That's just one two-ounce slice of our Honey Whole Wheat Bread,” said Melissa Miller, Licensed and Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Specialist for Great Harvest Bread Company. “Basically, eat a slice a day and your odds of living a longer life go up.” This research showed associated health benefits of 20 percent reduction in death from cardiovascular disease. The study examined data collected from more than 100,000 people over the course of 25 years (1986 - 2010) in two cohort studies and was limited to participants in the U.S. who were free of cardiovascular disease and cancer when the study began.

If you’re not sure how to start getting your 28 grams of whole grain a day, Great Harvest Bread Company can help you get started – for free. Stop by for a free slice from our breadboard! 

Whether you prefer a slice of whole grain toast with coffee in the morning, a lunchtime sandwich stacked with fresh ingredients between slices of hearty whole grain nut bread, or the simple pleasure of an evening berry oatmeal snack, there are so many delicious ways to get your grains with Great Harvest Bread Company.

Here’s to your life – lengthened and strengthened with the power of whole grains!
So what does 28 grams look like at Great Harvest? Check out your options:

• 22 grams in one 3 oz. Oat Berry Muffin 

• 28 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Honey Whole Wheat Bread

• 24 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Dakota Bread

• 22 grams in one 2 oz. slice of High 5 Fiber Bread

• 25 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Nine Grain Bread

• 28 grams in a half cup of Groovy Granola

• 22 grams in a half cup of dry Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Mix

• 32 grams in a half cup of dry Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Mix

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